Naturopathy is the Art and Science of living and the Non-invasive unique drugless system where the person's self-healing is promoted to recover or cure from diseased condition of the one's body and mind. It removes root cause of the disease on treatment aspect and also works on preventive aspect to prevent the occurrence of disease. Here the Pancha-Maha bhuthas are used to treat or prevent disease. the treatments are Hip bath, Spinal bath, Mud bath, Plantain leaf bath, Acupuncture, Reflexology.

Basic principles of Naturopathy

  • The body heals itself
  • The accumulation of the morbid matters cause the disease.
  • The acute disease in itself is the remedial process.
  • Germs don't cause disease but found in diseased condition.
  • Food is the building material but does not increase the vitality.
  • Fasting doesn't cure the disease but create the environment to heal.
  • Exercise or physical activities keep the balance between nutrition and drainage.
  • The patient’s own wish to get well, determination and faith in nature healing power play important role in healing process.